Adobe Edge – You’ve Got to Try This if…….

Adobe Edge – You’ve Got to Try This if…….

So I’m wide awake and trying to decide what software I want to play with. Some people play games on FB, some actually watch TV, and some nerds, like me, just like to learn new software. Adobe Edge won.

If you have heard anything about HTML5 or how it works across Web browsers and portable devices such as tablets and cell phones, then you might want to try out Adobe Edge. Some background: HTML (hypertext markup language) just means the language of the Internet. Web sites are created with HTML code and life is good. Along comes portable devices of different brands and they don’t like each other so they don’t share. For example, the fact that flash won’t play on i-products. Create the content in HTML and everyone is happy again.

So what does Edge do? Adobe Edge is the closest thing to replace flash. Flash as in Flash animation using Adobe Flash was one of the previous popular animation software but now Adobe offers Edge (aka Eg) free on their Cloud service. So, of course it is the best time to try it out!

More details: Edge is more of a designer interface and not so much of a coder interface. If you have ever used Adobe Dreamweaver or similar WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interfaces then you can pick up on Edge. There are YouTube and Adobe tutorials available to help you get started.

What will this do for me? You create your animations in Edge, publish them, post the files together accessible on the Internet, and they will play on any portable device or browser. They are written in “Internet friendly” language. Have fun!

Here’s my twist on the Adobe tutorial.

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