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CECS 6020 Knowledge Construction, Reified, and Socially Constructed Knowledge

CECS 6020 Knowledge Construction, Reified, and Socially Constructed Knowledge

NOTE: Yes, this is English. It just sounds really big and confusing.

To me, knowledge construction is a continuous process of learning. As someone pointed out above, things don’t really stay concrete or the same. I guess some math equations will not change but so many other things do. Think about Pluto. I still feel bad about that pizza saying! As we learn we have to be open to re-learn or change our way of thinking. While there is nothing new, there are always changes!

I had to do some researching on this second question regarding the difference between reified and socially constructed knowledge.  First I looked up the definition: Make (something abstract) more concrete or real. I would say that you would most likely start with socially constructed knowledge and then attempt to reify it. Everyone knows that when you say “social” it tends to also mean gossip. It is a natural process (For me anyway!) to verify information. The process of making things more concrete also applies if you are trying to teach others. The more concrete you can make a lesson, the easier it will be for students to grasp the concept.

For fun: sample of those that choose not to reify.

The process of constructing knowledge in basic terms is just like what I did for this posting. You consider what you already know, research for additional related knowledge, think it over and put the pieces together. In  broad terms, it is a long term process of understanding what you know and learn and accepting the fact that you do not know everything so you still may not be exactly right.

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